DIY solar panels: Why you shouldn’t install them yourself

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Is the risk worth the reward?
August 16, 2022 / 5 min read

The risks of installing your own solar panel system far outweigh the rewards. This article by TechBullion discusses issues you might face with do-it-yourself solar panels. To ensure a safe, reliable and guaranteed solar panel system installation, talk with a professional Panasonic installer today.

Did you know that 79% of Americans support alternative energy sources? If you're one of them, you could be thinking about installing solar panels. While you can save money and be eco-friendly by making this move, there are some pitfalls to avoid.

And while DIY solar panels might sound like the easiest option, be cautious. Read on to learn why you shouldn't install them yourself!

Improper Installation

One of the biggest reasons not to get DIY solar panels for home installation is the potential for making critical mistakes. For starters, you might not place the panels in the best location. Then they won't generate as much solar power, and you'll lose out on your investment.

Additionally, solar panels need to be fitted properly and anchored to the home. Plus you'll need to connect electrical wires. Unless you're a qualified electrician, this is not something you should be attempting.

And don't forget about the potential for damaging the panels. If you buy solar panels for DIY installation, you won't be able to return them for a refund if they're cracked. You're better off leaving solar installation to the pros!

Risk of Starting a Fire

On a hot sunny day, your solar panels will heat up quickly. And if you've used the wrong materials or methods to install them, you could end up with a fire.

Materials like wood should not be used to help give structural integrity to your panels. It can catch on fire, particularly if there are any issues with the electrical work. The last thing you want is poor wiring that causes a catastrophe with your inverter. 

When left to the professionals, the risks for fires are very low. Further, professional installers can perform routine maintenance. They'll check to ensure that your panels are functioning properly.

Potential for Damage and Injuries

If you're planning to sell your house any time soon, you can't afford to hurt its curb appeal. And that means you need to steer clear of DIY solar panel installation since too much could go wrong. 

Solar panels may necessitate adding materials to your roof to support them. But if you choose a material that's too heavy, you could start to sink the roof. On top of that, if you don't know how to handle the panels, you might drop them and gash the roof or house. 

Finally, be wary of a DIY project because of the likelihood that you could wind up injured. Solar panel installation requires being comfortable with heights and knowing how to handle electrical work. With one wrong step, you could find yourself on crutches or worse. 

Understand the Challenges of DIY Solar Panels

If you know the challenges of working with DIY solar panels, you might think twice. Installing them yourself raises the risk of injuries and improper connections that limit the potential of the panels. On top of that, you could damage the roof and house – or cause a fire.


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